Strength Training for

Health and Longevity -

Doug McGuff

Get stronger in 12

Minutes per Week - Doug


The average American begins to experience a physical decline that begins as early as their mid-20’s and continues throughout the course of their life, terminating in the final decades of their life in a state of dysfunction and dependence. While this is becoming commonplace, it is certainly not normal. Our ancestors, as well as modern hunter-gatherers experienced a high level of physical functioning and health, that barring injury or infection, continued into advanced age. In this lecture Dr. McGuff will discuss the concept of physiologic head room and discuss the notion of a quality life not just measured in years, but in “area under the curve” based on high physiologic headroom throughout a full lifespan. He will show how a brief and infrequent regimen of high intensity exercise can reverse the diseases of modern civilization and how the new science of myokines (hormone-like substances released by working skeletal muscle) make this possible.
65 Min. Jahr: 2021
54 Min. Jahr: 2022
Throughout his career, Dr. Doug McGuff maintained his in - terest in high-intensity exercise. He realized a lifelong dream when he opened Ultimate Exercise in November 1997, where he and his instructors continue to explore the limits of exercise through their personal training of clients. In this interview, he explains how he came across his revo - lutionary training methodology, why Formula One Drivers don't train their necks properly, and why skill training for sports is not the same as training for physical health.