Ecstatic Dance - Short


Dance of the Moon -

Ecstatic Dance

Have you ever experienced Ecstatic Dance? What is it? Imagine dancing in an environment without observers, judgments, attitudes, talking, shoes, alcohol, or smoking. A space where everyone can feel spontaneously safe to try new things and push their edges. This is the dance you dance when nobody is watching. Here is a little sneak peek into the world of ecstatic mo - vements, freedom, unity, and unconditional love.
The meditation is to be done with its specific OSHO Dynamic Meditation music, composed under Osho’s di - rection. The music indicates the beginning of each new phase of the meditation and energetically supports each stage.
12 Min. Jahr: 2021
43 Min. Jahr: 2020
10 Min. Jahr: 2009

Osho Dynamic

Meditation for Modern

Man in Osho Voice

Osho - The Need for

Dynamic Meditation

2 Min. Jahr: 2022
Osho has created active meditation for modren man. Dynamic meditation is the most powerful morning time meditation.
Ecstatic Dance with Sophie Sôfrēē, Mana Mei & Layla El.

Chakradance Class 21 -

mini class

A mini-class to give you a flavor of what a full-length Chakradance™ class feels like. As you'll see, it's not about outer-directed performance. It's an inner-directed experi - ence, moving to very specific chakra-resonant music. It's a dance of release and reconnection. A dance for healing and wellbeing. It's a kind of Moving Meditation - a form of Energy Healing. Each class concludes with the making of a personal mandala artwork, to help you integrate whatever has come up for you in the dance.
21 Min. Jahr: 2019